Global Warming Alert!! this is not a drill this is the Apocalypse?

@cristi20 (2139)
January 15, 2007 3:39am CST
was watching the history channel earlier (Last days of planet earth) and Global warming was brought to my attention. every country on the earth has agreed that Global warming is real and if we dont act NOW (as in this second) we could be too late to do ANYTHING about it, withen 50 years the greenland ice sheet "WILL" melt and the sea level WILL rise 20 ft (i know you are thinking big woop 20 ft isnt much, "well your wrong, because thats just the begining") after that the west atlanitic ice sheet WILL melt causing ANOTHER rise of 20 ft in the sea level, puting not only new york but London under water!!!! and after all that fresh water goes into the oceans it will "STOP" the ocean current!!! stoping the ocean from bringing heat from the epauter to europe and the americas, sending the WORLD INTO ANOTHER ICE AGE, KILLING MOST EVERYONE!!!!! Wake up people Global Warming "Is" Real -"WE" ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR STOPING (SLOWING) IT, SO IF YOU WANT YOUR KIDS (GRAND KIDS) TO LIVE, YOU WILL GET OFF YOUR LAZY @SS AND HELP TO STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
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@dan20071 (724)
• Romania
15 Jan 07
Hi Cristi, what you are saying is really true and sadly it's our reality. I agree with you that it can no longer be stopped, but I think it can be delayed. People do not see this as a potential threat yet, and will focus on it only after they will face the consequences. The lust for evergrowing power, blinds our ration, and makes us act in completely wrong way. The lifespan of our generation is steadily coming to an end, for we must learn from our ancestors mistakes and the forthcoming generations, from ours..
@perugu (5281)
• India
15 Jan 07
hi,its all due to the man made mistakes only.deforestation,pollution,damage to ozone layer,irregular usage of plastics..all leads to the present situation.we have to reduce air pollution and plant trees...
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