Mylot new feature: Donate money to another member?

January 15, 2007 8:34am CST
Do yu think there should be a new feature where you can donate your money to other members? Becuase you might want to send a friend some of your money, or you might want to give a person who is having a really hard time some money. What do you think? so basically a system where you can send and recieve money.
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@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
15 Jan 07
this is a very nice idea... and a newer opportunity for us. but we have to look at the other side, if this program becomes available, there will be a public extraction to where most vampire sucking, taking advantage people will make the aim to earn by extracting money to other members instead of working hard. there will be more flirts than helping post. and there will be most who are just waiting for their friend and online flirted person to earn for them... but mylot knows how to regulate this.. and me as well like the idea since i have a sister and my bestfriends here... so i can share my earning to them. thanks, have a good day!
• Australia
15 Jan 07
This is the kind of answer i want. Everyone else is saying it will be like paypal and e-gold, when it wouldnt be. All you would be doing is sending some of your earned money to your friends, if u want.
@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
15 Jan 07
You can simply send it throught paypal. Your money will be put there anyway. So you ask your friend his paypal account and you send him some money :) Becuase I don't think they should add this feature here. A lot of people who are asking for money are simply scam
• United States
15 Jan 07
I don't like this idea at all. It's looking for trouble from other places. The concept is great as I always help others. But no I don't think so.
@nicoola (136)
• Italy
15 Jan 07
No, i think this is impossible ... this sistem can help who have multiple accounts!
@amaine (2037)
• Philippines
15 Jan 07
hmmmm, , i don't know , , maybe it is better if that new feature would be donating some of your earnings to charity , , i mean , , members here are already making money , , even though some just make little , , but the point is , , they still do make money , , :-)