Does the wwe's wrestlers fight real or its all tricks and techniques?

October 5, 2006 6:00am CST
r all wwe players fight real, or its tricks to fool people,coz i saw dat while some moves they say something in the ear of opponent..
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• Netherlands
19 Feb 07
Not everything is fake, I mean Austin broke his neck was this fake? No, so some things are fake but not everything. Thats why its called entertainment to entertain people.
• India
20 Nov 06
lol its acting alrite.....
• India
5 Oct 06
even i got that doubt before ........actually the thing behind this is the winner of a match is already decided ..but the shots are real and some or not like when a person throw another on the threads then he returns with great speed and then the other hits him very hard.dont u think it is crazy coz if it is real then he wont come back the same direction that hard..we can agree with one thing that their stamina is really good and some times we see blood coming out of their faces which is real.what is fake is the other will also wantedly accept the shot like exagaraing and what u said is also sometimes right like they say something .......