are we people really good or bad in nature???

@chingkz (230)
January 21, 2007 9:48pm CST
i think all of us are really good in nature.. but how come there are people who are really bad... are they really bad in nature as a person???
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@aelyus (634)
• Romania
22 Jan 07
one of them are good(ecologists, peasants or simply people). others are bad (oil magnats. mad scientists wood companies which destroy nature). they have a lot of money but they don't think that destroying nature it is probable they never use such amount of money
@phon4u (2217)
• Laos
22 Jan 07
What we are good or bad is depending on our bringing up from parents or societies, good education, and the surroundings where we live. All is from your mind has to clasify it. If people do bad they will get reflect on them. If they do best, they will be admired.
• United States
22 Jan 07
We are animals. The matter of if we are tame or wild boils down to what motivates us. Like other herd animals, we follow the rules so we can be one with the herd... Fear of isolation keeps us (most of us) from doing whatever it is that we want. Some don't have that fear and they willingly cheat society's rules to get ahead. These I'm guessing are the ones you say are really bad.
@magarboyz (568)
• Nepal
22 Jan 07
well no person is bad from the nature wht makes them bad is thier thought and their manner and their company...cause what they get the same they give...if they are provioded with bad things and surely they well turn bad ..