Essence of Essential Oils

January 25, 2007 2:25am CST
Hey guys, did you know that ESSENTIAL OILS can cure common illnesses through inhaling the aroma through diffuser. This is called AROMATHERAPY. Just log Just e-mail me at Just txt/call me at (0910)389-6717/ (0920)574-6293 It's External benefits: are reduces bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds odour, second hand smoke and toxic substances insects and dust mites, purifies the air, replenishes oxygen, generates negative ions. It's Internal benefits: are strengthens immune system, increases energy and endurance, promotes relaxation, relieve stress, prevents respiratoy ailments, promotes restful sleep and youthfulness, provides specific aromatherapeutic benefits. The fragrance from essential oils can affect as psychologically and physically. The Essential oils can be absorbed into our body by 2 ways, through our skin and by inhalation. (A) Direct application through massaging. The essential oils molecules are able to penetrate into the skin easily, irregardless of the depth or thickness from the skin surface. It has the ability to absorb and discharge. It will penetrate through the lymphatic system and the cells then to other parts of the body. (B) When we inhale the essential oil into our body, it will go to our lungs. The lungs will absorb and retain the phytoncidere, then transmit to our heart to be transferred to the cells of all parts of our body through the blood stream. it is released by plants, to be used as defend their enemies. When it was placed near the bacteria or viruses, it will easily eliminate them within minutes. Everyone needs lots of vegetables to detoxify our body when fall sick. Too much meat, make it very difficult to discharge from our body. Vegetables will only help with the digestion system, and aromatherapy will help the body to detoxify more effectively.
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• United States
25 Jan 07
Are they totall good for you or can they ever hurt you?
• Philippines
26 Jan 07
Essential Oils is very good, no side effects for me and even for you, just try and you can see the benefits for your health. It's waterbased, it can not harm you. last year, i'm suffering from rheumatism, thru diffusing GREEN BAMBOO OIL for just one week, the pain is gone. Essential oils can cure many illnesses.