Why do men look and keep on looking at you?

United States
January 28, 2007 2:34am CST
Just curious because I always find men looking at me... teens and older. Once they look, they will look again... especially in public transportation where like 4 of us are squished together, one guy farther away seems to enjoy looking at me because he really goes out of his way to look. What are the reasons men look and keep looking at you? I'm not slim, in fact I am over weight and I'm not happy about it but I'm working on it... just curious why guys look. In school, a guy would be looking at me and 10 minutes later, I look at him and he's looking at me still... what do guys have in their minds? I asked a guy friend about this and they say most of the time, they're imagining something with you in their mind. Is there truth to this?
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@egisugiri (842)
• Indonesia
28 Jan 07
Sometimes when a man looking at us, they not just look at your body. Maybe it's because your beauty face and maybe they like your hair cut, your dress, your accesories that you're wearing or maybe you are their type. I don't know. You can be attractive to someone not because of your body or face. Your character and your style can be attractive in men eyes. I think you are nice person. So, be nice always. Godbless You.
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• United States
28 Jan 07
Makes sense, thanks for the reply! I'm enlightened now.
@Sir_bobby88 (8241)
• Singapore
28 Jan 07
Well you will never know what is behind our guys mind yea ... lol we might have some fantasy behind but we won't not do any action unnecessary yea ... looking at nice thing isn't every human wish ? .
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• Philippines
29 Oct 09
No, baby, that dress does not make you look fat. Kidding aside, it is a natural reflex to look again if they notice someone notice they noticed them. Talk about repeating the same word. But it makes sense. Or, maybe they find nurses, especially the ones in the white uniform, attractive. I know I do. And that is a G-rated comment. Your guy friend can be correct, but not all the time.
• United States
21 Jun 07
If they aren't making eyes with you, which you can usually tell, they might just be looking back and forth from everything in their view. You just happen to glance the same time they do. Possibly your perifreal vision is noticing them as they notice you? Possibly day dreaming, I know every man I have ever known daydreams! My husband does it all the time.Even when I say something that interests him!
@kampo90 (289)
• Antarctica
30 Mar 07
wheal i dont now about other people but i dont realy like to do it in my mind anyways whit the public transportation stuff i tend to always look around in a bus and when somebody looks at me i by reflex look them back as for men looking at you they dont always imagine you naked in ther head its some times just a way of showing interest in you (meaning he likes you but dosent have the nerv to go over there and ask you out or your number or anything like that) as for really long stairs and despreat drowling looks then they are just perverts and go over and kick them in the nuts