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@riyasam (16570)
January 29, 2007 7:52am CST
how to say a firm no?
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• United States
6 Feb 07
When I tell my daughter NO, she doesn't always listen the first time. The second time I tell her NO, I usually give her an explaination. I don't scream at her but I talk to her. NO, you can't climb up there it's dangerous. If you fall down. You will hurt your head. I think it's better than the no means no or no because I said so.
@raveena (1355)
• India
29 Jan 07
You say No in a firm, calm voice and keep repeating it. Keeping calm and in control shows your toddler that you are not over whelmed by his or her emotions.
• United States
29 Jan 07
I believe if you are always saying "no no no" to your child they will soon tune this "No" out and won't understand your priorities. When you say "no" you can not always follow thru with this and then it sets into a "who cares" with your child. If the child is misbehaving I believe you should be Consisten with you child and know there triggers. Most children do things because they know all they are going to hear is "no" and they are not going to get in trouble enough so they ignore it!! If you are Emotional with the child they also tend to think this is a game, try to stay firm and mean bussiness!! A Time out is a great way to show you mean somthing. They know if they do it they will get somthing all children hate. A minute per there age in a safe time out spot is notgoing toharm your child. Dont put them in timeout for long periods of time because you want them to remember what they did. After they're in timeout and when it is time to get up you should tell them they have to appoligize and make sure you show them you still love them "a hug". Hopefully this will work out for you and GOOD LUCK!!
@apky12 (775)
• United States
29 Jan 07
Well, I think your toddler has to know you mean it and there are consequences for their actions. I always get on their level so they are face to face with me and say no. Do you want to go to timeout. If they do it again, they are off to timeout.