Do you believe in the hype about Vaccines?

January 30, 2007 3:15am CST
Drug companies,Governments and health care workers, know that some people will die in response to receiving a vaccine. Why? It's all about numbers. They say that vaccines help far more people than they hurt. A small majority of people know that the real numbers involved are $$ signs, because vaccines are a very big business. If you would like to learn the truth about vaccines please take time to watch this video. It exposes the many truths & myths about vaccines. Here is the link:
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30 Jan 07
Well yes some people are allergic to the vaccines preservative or what is made with, MMR is cultured on egg I believe and some people are allergic to egg. Yes this could cause a serious reaction and yes they could die. The hospital I trained in used to take young children in to the day ward, they would recieve the vaccination and then they would be watched all day. At my doctors surgery, you are asked to wait 5 minutes after a vaccination in reception and then you may leave, this is a precaution. I didn't watch your video, but I would be cautious of such things because vaccination saves more lives than it kills. Lets say there are 100 people on an island and a doctor gives 96 of them an injection against diptheria, 4 cannot have the vaccination because it may kill them. You land on the island un vaccinated and carrying the diptheria bug in lets say a canister. The canister breaks and diptheria is unleashed on the island. It has the potential to kill 102 people but! 96 people where vaccinated, so was the doctor, 4 including you where not vaccinated will you die? You may be protected by the 96 vaccinated people by a process called herd immunity, if the majority are vaccinated then the minority are protected. This is why the World Health Organisation wants us to get vaccinated against anything we can to protect us and to protect those who may be fatally harmed by the vaccination.
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19 Oct
That is a good point @Freespirit it's why I don't get the vaccinations.