Why does, Quran itself confess that Jesus was about truth?? Any suggestion?

Quran - Holy Quran
January 31, 2007 2:30am CST
If you had always open your "Quran", you will see that some ststements confess that "Jesus" was about, "WAY", "TRUTH" and "LIFE"?? and Quran itself confess that Jesus was the "Saviour" but not "Mohammed". I don't really understand. Can someone explain me deeply about this matter.
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@alchemistrx (2554)
• Philippines
31 Jan 07
Ladybird, I think that quran was also focusing too with Jesus. I have always wanted to read the Quran even though I'm not a Muslim because I want to know if it is relative to the Bible. If it hold some truth and is related to the Bible then we don't have to argue on which religion that we must be in because it only means the same thing.
• United States
4 Feb 07
I am christian and have read the quoran wich is nothing like the bible !the bible promotes love whilst it promotes killing unbelievers (in islam) might i recomend you read a book review found at the following site to better understand islam! www.geocities.com/muslimfreethinkers/why_I_am_not_a_Muslim.htm.com/
• United States
4 Feb 07
the quoran accepts Jesus as a mere prophet while we Christians claim him as the son of our God who is vastly different from Allah since he (Yaweh ) has a son namely Jesus !The quoran states that Allah has no son ,so this makes them being one and the same god (contrary to popular thought)imposible!
@qouniq (1967)
• Malaysia
4 Feb 07
are you sure with your statement my friend? on which surah it is and may be you can tell me the page for the statement in quran. I just want to make it clear here that some peoples just simply make a comment without be sure about what they have in their mind. My question - is quran really mention the word 'Jesus'...please clear it. Let me explain a bit to you, In Islam there is no such name as Jesus but we do have Isa. Isa is a prophet cames before Muhammad S.A.W. He is the first prophet in the world. By the way, are you muslim? and are your really read the quran which stated the statement you've given earlier?