Eat cat or dog food to survive.

United States
January 31, 2007 9:46pm CST
Imagine you are in an area that you are not familiar with, it is winter, your vehicle is not able to run or drive away from this area. There are several people in this vehicle. Would you eat dog or cat food to survive if it was the only thing that could sustain life? What are your reasons for, or against, doing it?
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@sigma77 (5385)
• United States
1 Feb 07
I have never at any, but from what I've heard it is healthier that most junk foods. I think I would get hungry enough to do it. Who knows, it just might be better than Macdonalds.
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• United States
2 Feb 07
I would be willing to bet that you probably would be better off nutriton wise with the cat or dog food than some of the stuff you can buy at McDonalds, or any other fast-food joint.
@weemam (13377)
1 Feb 07
If it saved my life then yes I would , I think we all wood do strange things to survive xx
@GardenGerty (114361)
• United States
1 Feb 07
I have done product demonstrations of canned catfood, and some of it smelled really tasty. I am sure if I was hungry enough and isolated enough I would.Dry pet food has better nutrition than some of the things we eat all of the time. I think about that poor family that got stranded in the snow in Colorado this winter.