what do you think of Ben Mitchell?

February 3, 2007 10:02am CST
I think they could have picked a better actor to play a Mitchell, they are trying to make him be this little rebel child but it just doesn't suit him at all, i thought Cortney made a great Mitchell, who else thinks they should bring Grant and Cortney bak?
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@anonymili (3138)
11 Feb 07
Awh I actually think he's a real cutie although he's undergone a huge personality change since he first arrived.
16 Mar 07
Oohhh he makes me angry!!! he's such a little brat!!!
28 Feb 07
I agree. I am not sure who Ben is really meant to be - like you said he is supposed to be a rebel but it doesnt suit him. I think this is becasue he is too quiet to be a rebel. He is a bit weak. Courtney was much better - she had a bit of spark about her. They should definately bring her and Grant back as it makes Eastenders much more interesting when Phil and Grant are together.
@pumpkinjam (7453)
• United Kingdom
23 Feb 07
I thought that actually. He started off being nice and a bit geeky and now they're trying to make him all Mitchell-ified but it doesn't work. Maybe if he had come in straight away like that then we might not have noticed but he was this shy and quiet little thing when he first turned up. I definitely think Courtney made a better Mitchell.
18 Feb 07
Cortney was a cool character. They should use a chavvy kid, like Berts grandson, to play Ben as it would suit him better.
@weemam (13377)
12 Feb 07
He is a good wee actor , don't you feel you could just slap him lol . I feel so sorry for grants girlfriend don't you ? they say if you dislike the person that the actor playing the part must be good , I didn't like Courtney either lol but Grant yesssss xx
@jend80 (2068)
12 Feb 07
but is his character really meant to be a monster or just a hurt child whose lost his mother and whole way of life who thinks Stella is taking his father away from him?
@mel_87 (856)
12 Feb 07
yes grant and courtney should come back, i dont like ben something about him, but i agree it doesnt suit him at all
@tanya6 (333)
12 Feb 07
i agree with you i think they could have chosen a better child to portray this little monster. the young lad they have picked is to innocent looking he cant play the bad boy like his dad and sruggles with the nasty bits. the mitchells are losing their image and we all loved them for being so horrible to everyone but even phil is losing his touch i think bringing grant back would be fab as he always was the naughty one and thought nothing of beating someone to a pulp if they looked at him the wrong way lol.
7 Feb 07
I like Ben as far as a character goes but dont think he is a suitable Mitchell as they are like the Corleone's in the Godfather and Ben looks like he belongs in the Waltons. I totally agree that they should bring bk Grant and Courtney even if to annoy Mr Beale!