United States
February 3, 2007 6:40pm CST
whats your favorite comic book? mine is deffently x-men.. so in a comic book does yours have a cartoon and or movie to it? which do you like best the cartoon or movie? i think the x-men cartoon is well rather childish but i guess it was supposed to be.. the movie is good and i was happy cyclopes died lol
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@grayangel (274)
• United States
4 Feb 07
I see, by the look of your avatar I am not surprised. I also enjoy reading X-men comics. Heck I even got a large book about it. The X-men comics go on and on forever it seems! I also like to read Spiderman and Superman.
• United States
5 Feb 07
hehe yeah thats me.. i did this to myself for a halloween costume and just kept it. alot of people this i am crazy but i don't care.. roflmao when i went to go see xmen 3 and went to the bathroom alot of people said i was taken it to far. i really don't like super man it seems to well baby ish and spiderman seems to mellow.. i picture the xmen cause there is so many char. and so many emotions and it seems more grown up so to say.
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@joanana (770)
• United States
1 Mar 07
THe X-Men would have to be my favorite comic book as well. It was the first comic book series I read. After that I got into the Team Titans which were the successors of the Teen Titans, which I got into after reading Team Titans. I'm backwards, I know. Later on I read the seperate comic series for Catwoman, Rogue and Mystique as well.
• United States
28 Feb 07
I'm really enjoying the Marvel Civil War series right now.
• India
28 Feb 07
cartoons explain in detail rather than movies, because they have less screen time, and x-men fans need the details of the life of x-men so, cartoons are always better than the movie