Do you believe in love at first sight?

February 10, 2007 10:48am CST
I do. The first time I saw my wife, I was so smitten by her and could not sleep that night thinking of her. She was browsing a magazine at a bookstore where I was looking for a John Grisham book. She had her back turned at the time but something told me to approach her to see how she looks like. When I saw her face, my heart beat faster than it had ever beaten before. I think she was so beautiful and innocent looking. I stared at her for like eternity without saying a word until she noticed me. She did not say a word, and instead returned the magazine she was reading to the shelf and started to walk away. I followed her and mustered all the courage to ask her name apologetically. She must have noticed the nervousness I had at that moment and smiled. I thought she was an angel. I invited her to a coffee shop and that's how our love story began. That very first day I promised myself I won't stop until she agreed to marry me. After two months, we got married. And even after she has already given me two children, she remains as beautiful as when I first saw her in the bookstore. What about you? Do you have love-at-first-sight stories to tell?
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@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
i may not be legally married.. reading your story makes me giggle and my boyfriend like husband wondered why i am kissing him and smiling.. our love story is of love at first sight, the good thing is we had it both. my friend told me she had this guy who's kinda older and dont ever go with him as she gave the warning because hes separated or divorced and a bad boy.. full of negative and not so nice habbits.. i then rejected the interest, but as he climbed the stairs.. and i saw him, he is like a prince whos coming to get the princess... but hes that bad boy look. and women most avoid him of the bad impression, but hes not that as what i see... something in me is calling his soul. but i tried to stay my feelings of overwhealming unexplained beating of my heart... and guess what, as he approached me, he is like a shy blushing guy. i dont get it and i avoided my direct eye contact.. he started to talk and his friends are so much surprised.. of how he suddenly turned into someone they dont know.. and he started talking and every word he said is like a melody of endless song.. and i also started the talk as well, we spent the night in disco, and we went up in the tourist mountain, where we both are drunk and he told me boastfully, "you'll see, the next thing you'll know is your inlove with me" and i retorted as well... "no, maybe it would be the reverse, you instead"... and all the foolishness turned into love, until now its us no matter what people say.. and the gossip or see us not so perfect match, but deep in our hearts we are.. even if he's twice my age, i will die for this man, and i will honestly have everything and every inch of me only to him.. we never missed a day not talking and never missed an hour not communicating... hes my inspiration and him as he said im his light as well..^_^ i thought we'll only last for a month, now month became year and year became years... soon it will be 5 years and not a single thing pushed the same love away.. with all the trials and quarrels of too much complications... i guess, the love at first sight really last... take care ^_^
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
Wow. Now I know that love really moves in mysterious ways. It can change anybody into a better person. I'm happy for you and your partner. My wife and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this year, and I'm glad our relationship is still going strong. And we even make it a point to celebrate the day we met at the same coffee shop where I invited her for coffee. Good luck to you both.