Why do people like to judge on others?

@qouniq (1968)
February 11, 2007 2:24pm CST
This question come across my mind suddenly when i remember my spouse friend offering a girl to him. The scenario is like this. My spouse friend is a Professor whom is working with him as a lecturer in my university was offering my spouse a girl who is admire on my spouse. He told my spouse that the girl is going to UK for further her study and she is interested on my spouse. The professor asked my spouse if he want the girl as she also interested on him. My spouse of course rejected this offer and asked him back about his opinion on me. Since they both are from the same country so the professor thought that my spouse has made a wrong decision on choosing me who is not from their community - totally not and should tell him about this. I just thinking why people very easy to judge on others like they are the BEST person on the earth? I just wondering, how peoples can simply do this without thinking on others feeling?
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@judyt00 (3502)
• Canada
11 Feb 07
Often people from certain countries think that only a marriage between people of that country are legal. I've heard of men marrying western women just so they can get citizenship or their university paid for, then abandoning the woman and their children five or six years later to go home and marry another woman there. men like this have absolutely no respect for women and think they are bove the laws of the country they marry in. They should all be thrown in prison.
@qouniq (1968)
• Malaysia
11 Feb 07
yeah i am agree with you...my spouse other friend whom is formerly was doing his research at my school had the same story also. He is from egypt and came to my country for some business to start his life. He then married a widow to get a visa for him to stay and study in my university. Later when his life a bit secure, he left the lady without divorcing her. He went back to his country and marry to an egyptian lady. Now he is moving to other university in my country and start his research at that university. He never think back about the widow he married and just left without divorce. I just don't understand how men can simply do like this to us a women. He is a nice person but still he did this thing which makes me think twice about him.
@sunshinecup (7880)
11 Feb 07
People that tend to do a lot of judging of others, are those types that can't see nor think about anything past their own nose. They are the first to cry no fair when the tables are turned. I think thier judging is making up for their own lack of self worth. They have nothing to find really good about themselves, but plenty to say bad about others. This guy here in question isn't really an example of someone who judges, he just sounds like a jerk, plane and simple.
11 Feb 07
Ugh men! how dare your spouse's so called friend offer him another woman when he has you! ugh, he would not be my friend for much longer, professor or no!