Chinese New Year is coming soon...!!!!!!!!!!

@qouniq (1967)
February 13, 2007 4:59am CST
Guys,..the chinses new year is coming very soon now,...i can see the red colors are everywhere now...and one things which i like most when the celebration is coming,..we will have lots and lots of mandarin orange,....the sweet and tasty orange originally from mouth is watering now...i just have it just now.....feel need more here......I just wanna hear your story about chinese new year in your country....any nice story to share?...Here in Malaysia we have open house fiesta for all Malaysia...the open house event can be up to the national level where all level of peoples can attend for free food....we do this to other celebration such as Eid,Christmas, Deepavali, and many more here...thats's my story of chinese new year from Malaysia...what's yours?!
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@karmendra (1123)
• India
13 Feb 07
hi maria ,, this is good news that chinses new year is coming ,, i am not chinses, i am an indian ,, but i like all the world.. and i like every types of celebrations,, because it gives us lots of unforgatable memories, lots of smile,, and happiness,, so enjoy your self,, my best wishes and bleshings with you always.. can u tell me when it will come.. and last of all Happy new year in advance.
@qouniq (1967)
• Malaysia
14 Feb 07
the chinese new year will be on 18 and 19 of february.....yes , it will gives a lots of memories to the chinese mostly because this is the big day for them...