Maintaining a fish tank

@mic123 (204)
February 18, 2007 12:34am CST
Could anyone who is a lover of fish and fish tanks tell me how to maintain a tank?How frequently has the water to be changed?what temperature should be maintained in the tank?And also what is the combination of fish can be used in a tank?
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@Signal20 (2281)
• United States
18 Feb 07
To maintain a tank, you need to do some reading. I'll put a link at the bottom. Too much to explain here. But basically, the largest tank that you can afford, and have the space for and a good filter or two. You'll need to get a syphon, and do a 20-25% water change and gravel vaccuum every week, that's the best way to prevent diseases and bad water quality issues. The temperature will depend on the type of fish. Most tropical/community type fish need about 76-80 F. A goldfish needs cooler water, and does best around 68-74 F. As far as the type of fish and combinations of them, don't mix goldfish with tropical/community fish. So either all goldfish, or all tropical type fish. Most tropicals will get along with each other. There's also cichlids, which are good, most are fairly aggressive or territorial though and won't do very well with tropical fish. HOpe this helps, and good luck!!! .
@Fishmomma (11371)
• United States
7 May 07
I suggest buying the largest tank that you can afford. Its important to cycle the tank before putting in fish and I do it by using a filter that has been in one of my other tanks. Beginners should change the water every week, specially if your ammonia and/or nitrite spikes and then you have high nitrate levels. I change it every other week in my adult fish tanks and every week in the fry tanks. If anyone else feeds the fry tanks, then I change the water twice a week. One of my workers over feeds the little ones. What temperature depends on the kind of fish cold water or tropical. There are a range of temperatures that fish keepers keep their tanks. My tanks are all set at 72 to 74 degrees. The combination of fish depends on how large a tank your planning to buy, as a small tank shouldn't have fish that are going to be huge. Don't mix cold water and tropical fish. When we know what size tank, then we can all recommend fish.
25 Feb 07
well i love to keep an aquarium in my living room, and i kept also, but i was not responsible for its maintenance, but i think u can ask the shop keepers and sellers of aquariums for it,and wat i sugestion i can offer is to keep a small singapore tortoise into it, to keep the water clean.
@Asafbs (154)
• Israel
18 Feb 07
It depends on the kind of fish you have, but basicly you ahould have a filter that will clean the water, and you'll need to change the water about every month or two. Yes, of course you can have a combination of fish in your aquarium, as long as they won't each other and will live in harmony.