how much have u earned through myLot ??

February 24, 2007 1:10am CST
Well i am new here and i just wanted to know how many have earned here at mylot. How much have u earned till date and how much do u think can u earn in the coming years. just reply.
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• India
30 Mar 07
Hey DJ, Am new to the site too and exploring it as i type this. Well from what i have heard it works as my friendz have said so. however, to earn more you need to post more......the more the merrier...also start as many discussion that you can and lets see where it takes the newbies.... all da best dude. By the way ...where do you spin?
• India
24 Feb 07
Till now I have earned about $30.00. I have already taken pay-out for $24.00. And the balance $6.00 yet to reach $10.00 threashold.