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February 27, 2007 5:32am CST
This morning there was an article on Yahoo about the genealogy of Gov. Howard Dean. If you click on the very last highlighted words it will show you the ancestrial chart going through William Brewster (who was on the Mayflower) way back to the House of Stuart and the royalty of Scotland. I know several of us here on MyLot have found our connections to this family line. So if you have some brick walls, take a look at this chart and study it. I copied it into MicroSoft Word so I can print it out and study this ancestrial report in greater detail later. If you missed the report, you should be able to Google Gov. Howard Dean and find it. If not, let me know. I have a copy. I am sure we can find a way to email a copy to you.
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@tammyr (5954)
• Etowah, Tennessee
1 Mar 07
I have a friend who is trying to do her family tree. She was adopted as were her siblings. She has hit a wall with finding her mother. Can you give any info to help her. I do not know about this stuff, and would like to help her if Possible. She is the grandmother of one of my girls and helps me so much, I'd like to return the kindness. BTW, you can copy/paste URL's before getting to 500. I think it is to help teach everyone that you should post the url, not the whole article.
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3 Mar 07
my cousin is adopted. We know a lot about her birth parents because the information was given at the time that she was adopted. Her mom was a nurse and her dad was a married doctor. they had an affair and my cousin was the result. The mom was good at the piano but my cousin never played that I know of. my cousin never pursued the situation so as a result she has never met her birth parents. I have heard that sometimes it is possible for adopted children to get ahold of their original birth certificate that lists their birth parents. I am not sure how you go about doing that. You might try to find out who the adoption agency was. Some adoption files are open so if the child wants to know the information it is there for them to access. If there is a medical reason to access the records, many times the closed files will be opened by the courts. I wish I had more ideas for your friend. she needs to find a place to start and then the digging can begin from there.