Should i stay or Should i go?

February 28, 2007 3:41am CST
Thinking about leaving my work to make more time for the family is confusing. being a working mom is not easy. I'm beginning to feel that I might neglect my daughter. there's what we call guilt. For example, when my daughter seem to like sleeping and eating with nanny or yaya much more than her mommy.I might think that I better quit working.But I also love my job.In your own opinion should i stay or should i go?
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@catcai (1057)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
If your job is a decent one that is able to provide for you and your daughter well, then why go? its just a matter of giving time to your child- make time for your kid- and its much better if you leave your child to your family members, but if theres no one available a nanny would do- just be sure that when you come home from work, you child knows that you are home from work, cuddle more and more and talk your child- make up for the loss time-make her understand even at a young age why mommy has to go to work. You need to work unless you have a husband who can support you financially- but if your a single mom- you really need to work- how would raise your daughter without any financial aid right? but if you can afford not to work then by all means stay with your daughter =)
• India
28 Feb 07
Lot of mothers face this type of problem. If your daughter is with your close family member, then you should not mind more. Afterall after working hours you can take care of your daughter. If baby is being taken care by by nanny or yaya (I do not know the meaning of these words)I see nothing wrong on it. They are helping you. One more thing is here, if your hubby's earning is sufficient to run the family then you can leave the job and try later on when your baby is grown up. If you are experienced and good at job, you can find another one later on, need not to worry more. If your earning is necessary to run the family, then please do not leave the job, do it.
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
I think you should stay. You just need to practice time management. A little time to your daughter will be a lot. Continue working its for your daughter naman di ba? If you work hard you can send her to good schools and give her needs.
@lpipe0240 (1161)
• United States
28 Feb 07
If you can afford to, then yes quite your job and be with your daughter. You can go back to work after she is old enough or graduates. These years are flying buy and you'll never get them back.