some tips on how to earn more here

March 1, 2007 3:14am CST
When you create a new discussion here, you will get $.02 per response. For response and comment discussion, the earnings are not static and it depends on the quality and content tha you have posted. I suggext you to write 3-4 lines for the content of the post then mylot will pay you more instead of writing just one word or a will earn $1 - $ 1.5 per 50 response as per estmation. I think its good enough. Add as much as friends on mylot. Some of your friends will help u by answering to ur discussions.There is one feature called "TURN ON NOTIFY" you will recieve a notification when ur friends start a new discussion.This will help u earn faster. Apart from this u can add images to the discussions started by u. One more inetersting thing is that u earn 25% of the earnings from your referalls. So refer as much as u can and appreciate ur friends to join it and start discussing. These are some small secrets that help u to earn faster on mylot.please let me know if u want to know anything else. Thanks for reading my article.........
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@biyping (183)
• Indonesia
1 Mar 07
i have done that but why i didn't get good earning?do you have an idea? and how can i turn on notify?can you tell me please?do we have to have 50 responses in order to het 1 -1.5? isn't it too many?
• United States
15 Mar 07
good advice thanks!
@stephcjh (38785)
• United States
1 Mar 07
I have been here at Mylot for a little over a month now. I never did notice that I earned anything from any responses to my discussions. the only earnings I ever notice is when I reply to others discussions. I have seen alot of discussions posted so someone must be earning something from it. I don't think I ever earned anything for starting a discussions or the responses it received. I get responses every day for the discussions I have started. If I do not reply to others discussions, I see no earnings for it.