Does your spouse belittle you ?

March 2, 2007 9:15am CST
When your spouse never seems to appreciate you. When your spouse belittles even your major achievements. How do you respond ?
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• Netherlands
3 Mar 07
Hmmm, actually my wife does and it doe s not make the relationship any better. The usual response is that she is doing it to better me and I should noy be hurt by it. After all I do deserve to hear all the words thrown at me. How do I respond? Well by withdrawing from the relationship. No need to say anything discuss anything or try to do anything because I will be put down anyway. And the children? They are slowly learning to show the same behavior towards me. Not yet leaving? Well I am and would not wait if I were you unless your partner understand and recognizes the destructive behavior. Then you might have a small change for improvement otherwise I woul run like the wind.
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• India
6 Mar 07
Well yes, initially it was for my improvement. I have the same worry, about the children. Slowly but surely their attitude is changing. Unfortunately , there is nowhere to run. It might be worth creating one such place.
@tammyr (5954)
• Etowah, Tennessee
2 Mar 07
This is a red flag! It will get worse and may lead to abuse. A person who does this is trying to control you. I would never be with a person like this. I am to strong minded to not be appreciated.
• India
3 Mar 07
U r right ! trying to change that with love and affection for 25 yrs., but it keeps getting more shrill. I wonder whether destroying me, is the objective. Bcause of the children , it is difficult to get out of the relationship, not yet.