If you were to become God in one day, what would you do?

March 7, 2007 5:16am CST
This is a very intriguing question, I want to know your ideas on this.
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• India
19 Nov 10
Nice discussion friend God is unique so no body can become god, well because of this 'if', i may act like god, i will certainly persuade the nasty persons to become good , well behaved and end corruption from this planet.. Thank you so much. Professor. . Cheers have a great day ahead. God bless you. Welcome always.
@funkykid (441)
• India
12 Nov 10
i'd gain ultimate knowledge so i could skip school. afterwards, i would take a car ride to texas. the world would be mine to explore! after texas: utah! i would also go about helping people who i see in need of help.
• Malaysia
8 Jun 08
I will make evrybody blind..so that only love can be experianced..no glamour, color bars, beutiy or not beutifil..no war ..and everything you can think of that hurts and regresses the growth of mankind as one family..
• United States
19 Apr 08
If I became a God... I don't know what God does. Our human existance is so limited that we can hardly imagine what it would take to be a God, much less how to control the power. If I would be given the power of God and retained my human knowledge and identity I would be terrified.
@Redkitty (480)
• India
7 Mar 07
if me became a god i will try to erase rich and poor between people