CSI: New Recruites

@cnetboss (2477)
March 9, 2007 8:26am CST
Ever notice that Each CSI shows has one or two personnel who moved from other departments to the respective CSI teams. Who among the 'rookies' are the best CSI: Greg Sanders CSI:Miami: Ryan Wolfe Natalia Boa Vista CSI:NY : Sheldon Hawkes
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@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
9 Mar 07
For me it would be a toss up between Greg Sanders and Ryan Wolfe. In many ways they remind me of each other. They are both very good though and I like the characters as a general rule. i was glad to see them move into the CSI department. They are good at their jobs.
@cnetboss (2477)
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
Between the two SANDERS would be my choice because Sanders is very cautious at times. Ryan Wolfe at times would get distracted by his being an OCD and sometimes tends to get personal on some of his colleagues.
@Fishmomma (11383)
• United States
15 Apr 07
This is an easy question for me, as Greg Sanders is one of my favorite people on any CSI. He is hard working, has a great personality and is well liked. I was glad to see him get more air time.
@DJ9020 (1596)
• United States
15 Mar 07
I think the move for Sanders was more realistic and credible than the other two. Although I really like Wolfe's character. And the OCD might actually help him focus on details! I totally can't stand Boa Vista, and I really thought Hawkes move was unrealistic.
• United States
14 Mar 07
Greg Sanders will always be my favorite. I was glad to see him move up to a CSI but I think the writers pick on his character too much. That boy has been through a lot since the show has started.
@kuirqs (512)
• Philippines
12 Mar 07
It's Greg Sanders for me. He fits so well in the team.