What is your best day of receiving refunds and coupons in the mail?

@Fishmomma (11362)
United States
March 13, 2007 3:10pm CST
Today I received a $50.00 rebate and a $30.00 rebate and was quite happy. Also received a coupon train and two personal refunding trades. I would enjoy hearing about rebates you have received and your best mail day. My best mail day was 50 free cereal coupons, so I donated a lot of cereal to food share. Food Share told me it was the first time somebody brought in that many boxes of the same product. The amazing thing was all 50 coupons were in different envelopes talk about how much the company spent on postage. Five personal trades and several had forms that I mailed in the next day. The only reason I remember the number of trades is I only traded with five people regularly at the time. This happened a few years ago and sure wish I could find a cereal offer like that one again, as normally offers are limited to one per household.
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@liranlgo (5748)
• Israel
13 Mar 07
the best day for me to receive refunds in the mail is the 2 of each month..because at that date my visa bill is taken out of my account and every sum that will be added to the account will be welcome at that day..it effects you mentally to see a large sum taken out and then some money put back..i don't know usually at the 2 of every month i find myself worrying and caculating all of my expanses so it would sure do good.about coupons in my country we only getthe coupons of the visa..about 5 of them each month..and at some stores when i go shopping i get special coupons but this is not so developed here..
@Fishmomma (11362)
• United States
14 Mar 07
I sure agree and specially when that chunk is a big number. My visa gives a little back, but I don't use the card often. Thanks for the great reply.