How many " Blonde Moments" have you had? What were they ?

@Ljorge (1488)
United States
October 16, 2006 11:28pm CST
I don;t know about me, but my Honey has them everyso often lol.
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@indiandevil (2393)
• Canada
27 Oct 06
I have had many blonde moments... Blonde Moment Number: 10. I have accidentially lit my hair on fire while lighting someone elses smoke. 9. I have accidentally walked into a door casing, while walking in the center of the door way. 8. I spent hours putting little braids in my hair to crimp my hair went to sleep and freaked because snakes where on my head. 7. I have lit my smoke on the wrong end...even when the butt was brown 6. I have accidentially tripped over my own feet. 5. I have accidentally got my self caught in my own blanket 4. I get confused very easily. 3. I have head butted a doorway while walking the opposite way. 2. I have accidentally thought I made a post when I hit the back button 1. While watching "cool Runnings" in the summer. When it ened I told my two friends that there really was I Jamacian Bobsled team, they called me bluff. I replied with "Well the olympics are on right now and we can see for our self. We put it on the olympics and watched for 30 minutes waiting for the bobled section...when I remembered and said to them... "You know what we will have to wait alot longer..." When they asked why I replied "Because this is the summer olympics...they only bobsled in the winter ones! yes we were all blonde that time