Which of the mythology do you like?

@xnipher (544)
March 16, 2007 7:03am CST
I say there is so many mythology like the Indian Mythology, Roman Mythology, Greek Mythology and so much... is say that i like the most the greek mythology.
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• United States
9 Jun 07
Roman mythology seems to be based on Greek mythology, with other things added. I don't really know much about the other mythologies. However, when looking at a lot of the things that happened that may seem far-fetched & things like that, it turned out that a lot of it did have some meaning. An example of that was Noah, & that flood. The Chinese also have in their mythology about a great flood that they believe was to punish a bad king. That's all I know about that event.
@Fidget (291)
11 Jan 08
I'm afraid the geek in me can't resist... There are over 200 'myths' regarding a great flood from all over the world, including the Americas before Europeans 'discovered' it indicating that they were based on a real event rather than an adapted story. Plus there is the geological evidence. So it's up to you to decide which diety got annoyed or whether it was the end of an ice age. Regardless, the distribution of tales about a great flood and geological evidence all point to the fact that there is a kernel of truth to these tales regardless of their particular local spin!
@Fidget (291)
11 Jan 08
Choose?! Well if I have too I'd say *looks at book shelf* that Greek mythology dominates my interest. Though I'd like to learn more about the mythology of the British Isles but it's not as popular as the Classical world and harder to find introductory books (plus all of those invasions bringing with them their own mythos *sigh* never simple!).
• Sweden
12 Jul 07
I love all Mythologies! I don't have a favourite, it's just that I know more of some of them
@senthil2k (1501)
• India
15 Jun 07
I love Indian Mythology I lot, since I know a lot about it. I have heard just a few things about the other mythologies. May be , if i can know more about them, then my vote may get change to the other. But currently, Indian Mythology is the one I like.
• Netherlands
9 Jun 07
When I was a kid, I used to read alot of Indian mythology and once in a while greek/roman. So, I must say I like Indian mythology.....I didn't say other mythology is less interesting, though.
• India
20 Apr 07
I read from a book about Geetha. It says that the war detailed in Mahabharatha was actually not conducted in Kurukshethra but in the minds of everybody. The feeling of mythology actually exists in our mind. If we try to understand each concept deeply, we can understand that all are one.
• Canada
21 Mar 07
Greek and Roman are my most favorite but I love all mythology
• Malaysia
16 Mar 07
From west to east,from north to south..so many mythology depends which you heard the most.I know some... but the greek is the most.
@Asylum (48053)
• Manchester, England
16 Mar 07
I find all mythology to be an interesting field. I have read about Greek, Roman, Scandanavian, Egyptian and several South American myths. There is a lot to be learned from mythology, and it does not matter where it originates from. Many of the celtic myths have given rise to certain practices and customs here in Britian.