Working From Home: Not As Easy As It Sounds

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March 19, 2007 10:44pm CST
Right off the bat in the morning I make my coffee, feed the cats, clean the cat boxes, and sit down to read my emails. Yes, that's probably the same thing that most people do before they go to work. My day, on the other hand, has twists and turns that I never imagined. I work form home by selling on eBay. So first off, I try to get as much work done before my husband returns from his morning computer engineering meetings as possible, for as soon as he comes home, he eats his breakfast. Did he buy me anything healthy? The answer is invariably no -- even when he actually does bring me something. Usually that's never. I work with the sound of his chomping in my ears, and then it's the slurping of the coffee, and the clearing of the throat, followed by a ciggy. Oh joy! All that time I've been trying to concentrate on printing labels for packages that need to go out. Riiiighhhhtttt. After the morning rush, there is always the question, "What's for lunch?" I make lunch, and Hubby plays his guitar and makes sure to remind me that I've got wash to do, or vacuuming to do, and guitar necks to work on, etc. By the time I get to eat my lunch, the cats want to be fed again, too. I can tell you, by that time I'm getting tired. The afternoon is full of dropping off of packages, finishing up guitar projects, and cleaning up after Hubby. While we're out, we do shopping. Then it's home to go through the next round of emails, a little more work, and poof, it's time to cook dinner. Yes, I cook dinner after working. Hubby is once again plugged into some guitar, playing away his worries. I try to relax and watch some TV after dinner, and when I get back to my computer to log into MyLot, Hubby is there to make sure that I'm reminded of the work I haven't completed, and what I have to do tomorrow. He then goes and takes a two hour nap. I finish the chores, clean up after dinner, and finally finish it all off by cleaning that cat box and feeding the cats a snack. It's only then that I might get to take a bath. By the time I get out it's usually 1am, and it's time for me to sleep. Next day, it's back to the grind again. So for all those of you (women) who want to work at home, I suggest that you rethink your priorities. If you haven't got a health issue or kids that you need to stay home for, GET THEE OUT! You'll be doing yourself a favor, take it from me. I invite friendly talk on this subject! Do you have some suggestions for me?
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20 Mar 07
You poor dear! My only suggestion for you is to get your hubby to help out every once in awhile. Have him cook dinner or run the vacuum. I am a stay at home mom and my hubby still cooks dinner on the weekends. I would have a big talk with him over breakfast about this, if you haven't already. Try to get some rest!