how do you feel about your parents?

United States
March 21, 2007 9:04pm CST
I have to say that I love my parents with my heart and soul. My dad worked his butt off for his family and my mom was always there while we were growing up. She was involved with school and our activities. They never abused us physically. We had what we needed. Not always what we wanted since sometimes we were low on money, but always what we needed...we never did without. I have much respect for my parents and love. Now, with that said...I have figured out recently that I don't "like" my mom. I love my dad greatly and find him a wonderful and NICE man. My mom, is not very nice. She is two faced and will talk about anyone. She changes her opinion with the hours that tick by. She seems to take the opposite opinion of whatever the opinion is of the person she is talking to. She has treated me and my sisters like we are stupid and imbeciles! She loves control and she never wants to let go of it. I was watching a biography on Racheal Ray and she said her mom was her role model, her best friend, and her mentor. She bounces all her ideas and thoughts off her mom. Her mom has disagreed with her on things, but they talk about it and if Racheal decides a different way than her mom does, her mom respects that. I actually started crying because, if I got famous and was asked this question, I could NEVER answer it the same way. If my mom disagrees with what I do, she doesn't just tell me she disagrees, she will degrade me and tell me how stupid I am and how I am ruining HER life and my kids' lives, etc. She is not my best friend or my mentor. I talk to my mom every day, but I don't tell her anything that is important to me until the very last second. I have learned my lesson. I have found that I need to make my decisions and get things situated before even telling my mom about it. Isn't that sad that I can't say I even "like" my mom? I love her to death, but I don't like her much. How are your feelings toward your parents? Do you have the same sort of love/hate relationship? How do you cope?
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22 Mar 07
I love my parents, but one is more supportive than the other. My dad was never really around, only because my mom wouldn't allow it. He paid his child support and saw him as much as we could. Now that I am older we are much closer, because no one is standing in the way of us. My mother feels that I am the strongest becausei am the oldest so she's not very supportive, but my dad on the other hand is the complete opposite. My mom has a four bedroom house with three empty rooms, and me and my four children found ourselves in a shelter. I told my dad that I could use a washer and dryer, and he went and bought him another one, just to give me his old set. Aint that something?
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• Philippines
25 Mar 07
I love my parents so much. I don't know how life would be without them. I am very close to my parents as compared to some people I know. My parents are in their old years. Dad is 75 and mom is 71. I am very thankful that they are still alive. And I am wishing that they will live longer, both of them. Coz life would be miserable without them.
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27 Mar 07
Oh, I'm sorry you feel this way. I Love my mom so much. I also like her too. I mean she gets on my very last nerve some times, but it's ok she's been there for me for every thing i have ever faced in life. she was single most of the time growing up. I was a teen mom and she is one of the very main reasons i can say i and my daughter are alive i'm sure of it. My dad on the other hand is a drunk. I love him too. i have spent most of my life and even now i think, trying to live up to his expectations. I want more than mostly anything for my dad to just be a dad. I have had several big accomplishments in life so far, he was not there and did not even ask about them. I have faced some horrible times, he was not there and did not ask, I have visited him and felt his prying eyes peering through me with dissaproval. He's not much of the man i knew growing up who sometimes laughed and hugged, sometimes, now he is bitter and just askes about my brouther and his kids who will not and have never seen him. You are lucky to have a dad, as a girl it is so important to your adult hood to have a man who loves you for who you are growing up. I am crying right now. I wish i had a dad too.