Do you prefer to play the guitar or the bass?

@meguchan (181)
March 22, 2007 3:40am CST
If you are in a band and you have to play an instrument, what instrument you want to play? I have a guitar, because it was my favourite instrument some time ago, but now I want to learn to play the drums... and, what about the bass? I think is more easier than the guitar, but is interesting too.
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@acastrod (47)
• Spain
11 Feb 08
hahahah ELECTRIC GUITAR! bass weights more... hahaha xD and has the neck bigger.. and I like more the chords =) take care, manga┬┤s heroine!^^
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@cf1016 (227)
• China
22 Mar 07
I can play guitar,it`s also my favourite instrument,now and forever.I learn it 3years ago.I can play it very good.In my oppinion,it is very easy to master.If it possible,we can play it together.OK?
@meguchan (181)
• Spain
22 Mar 07
Haha, it will be very difficult, if you think about it... we can be of different countries. So far! haha
@rjdreyes (157)
• Japan
29 Mar 07
when you said that bass is much easier than the guitar, i disagree from it. because i know the difference in terms of style and usage of both guitar and bass. In my experience on playing a guitar and bass, i can say that, they both hard at first, cause familiarity of the fretboards and basic modes. The number one thing they differ is that the bass neck is longer than a guitar, which lead you to stretch more your finger than a guitar. It is really painful and muscle burned at first but when i start developed my skill in bass, it really made me at ease. Second i realized when i'm switching to used my guitar, my hands overlaps one fret of the guitar. Its really funny, i'm much easier using a guitar than bass. But i just said, i never compared them, because in terms of used they actually different. They both hard if you don't know how to play, but it is easy when you adjust from the situation.
• India
25 Mar 07
i am a guitarist and usualy plays chords on it.but reccently i met with an bass guitar player,he was realy playin awesome,i am highly impressed with him. and trying to play by my own.
@sweetsue (759)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
I love playing guitar, the only intrument that I learned to play so far. I haven't tried learning drums or bass for that matter. I guess drums are cool.I've seen a lady vocalist of a band here in our locals playing them and its pretty cool.