What are your personal criterias for a QUALITY post? (discussion/response)

@catcai (1057)
March 23, 2007 8:42pm CST
If you are given a chance to give your criteria for judging as to what should be considered a quality post - both in discussions and in responses, what would your critera be? We really don't know how people here at mylot rates us, all of us have different views on what quality is- i would just like to know your views on this.. For me a quality discussion is: 1. Is a discussion which aims to receive a subjective answer and not a yes or no kind of question 2. A question who seeks a persons' personal point of view since you are in a discussion 3. A sort of a debate type of question is also nice, because it encourages you to emphasize your point, except for questions like "what color u like better? black or blue? and why" 4. Topics that are socially relevant, for me are quality discussions. 5. Length doesnt matter as long as the discussion is of substance and not something like: "Whats your name?" For responses my criteria of a quality response is: 1. the response shouldnt be a simple YES or NO.. 2. It shouldn't be something that just says, "no i dont know, i havent experienced it yet (period)" "i agree / don't agree with you (period)" common... at least add something? 3. A quality response for me is detailed. Adding references are also great! 4. A quality response for me should at least convey what the user really feels about the topic but not into such extent that he resolves to Name calling and other graphic languages. 5. A quality response for me doesn't have to be long-as long as the idea is there- its ok. Well those are just what i think- usually this is what i use to judge who for my topics best responses.. what about you? thanks in advance! 4. It is not just a "yes i agree"
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@webeishere (36353)
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24 Mar 07
WOW. The only criteria I have is write what's on my mind at the time I write. That's how I do it. I think of something then I type it out. I couldn't make a list like thisa at all. I'm not very organized. Thanks though. Hope the list works for you. Hee hee. HAPPY POSTINGS FROM GRANDPA BOB !!
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24 Mar 07
I really don't have a criteria for discussions because I like many different types. It can be a stupid question, or a serious topic. I don't mind. As for making a quality response, I agree with you. It has to be more than yes or no and can't just say "I don't know". They can say "I don't know", but they have to have more than that. It also has to be a genuine answer, something that is thoughtful. They can also state that they agree, but they must say more than that and, preferably, why.