Do you practice what you preach ?

@SimplyJo (1694)
March 25, 2007 12:26pm CST
Well.. I must admit I often preach and don’t practice the same. Eg : when I used to smoke, I used to tell my friends not to even when I did – used to tell them how it’s not good for health but all they’d do is look at me, smirk and say ‘ look whose talking’ … ! What about you ? do you always practice what you preach ? I think sometimes.. It just isn’t possible..
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@ikinta (1238)
• Indonesia
8 Apr 07
Well, I preach almost everything I did in the past and some I still conduct myself. But let look it this way, every time you preach you will be ashamed because you do it too and thats make you wanna stop what you do. Smoking for example. The more you preach the more you wanna quit yourself. It all start from our mouth. It works for me for some cases. :)
@GardenGerty (113530)
• United States
6 Apr 07
I agree that we often know right, but we do not do right. It is hard. I know my folks wanted us not to smoke, but both of them did. One in four of us smoked. I have healthy, thin, kids, even though I am over weight.I know lots of things about weight loss, but do not do them. Like I said, it is hard.
@gabs8513 (48712)
• United Kingdom
26 Mar 07
Most of the time I do but I suppose there are occassions that I don't but I am still working on it. But yes most of the time I do
@rosie_123 (6118)
26 Mar 07
No - probably not - LOL! Well, at least I'm honest. I am always telling youngsters not to start smoking for example, and yet I still smoke, - and I did an awful lot of things as a youngster that I now tell younger people not to do! I think we all do it to a certain extent!
@carolynpb (647)
• United States
25 Mar 07
I can honestly say that usually what I preach I do practice it. If I can't practice it then I won't preach it.
@mzbubblie (3840)
• United States
25 Mar 07
Most of the time I do, I can't think right now of what I don't practice myself. I guess when I have money and my son have money. I always tell him not to go spending his money on eveything he see and try saving it. However, sometimes if I'm out and see a pair of shoes I like, I know I probably could do without, being I have alot of shoes, but buy them anyway. lol I'm a shoe person, and love shoes...
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
25 Mar 07
Like all of us I am not perfect however I think that I am pretty good at all I do and therefore advise bases on what I know to be true. Having said that anyone on the receiving end has to make up their own mind about their own actions. We can only hope to help if they are ready. As long as you know you are not perfect you are still doing well to try and help those around you.
25 Mar 07
My mother always used to say to me "Do as I say, not as I do" which used to confuse the heck out of me. I think what she was trying to say was that you need to TRY to practice what you preach but sometimes this is impossible. In our modern world, things are never as easy as we would like them to be, so although I do try to practice what I preach, I would hope that folk cut me some slack when sometimes I can't