April 2, 2007 1:16am CST
I Love to see VINCE LOOSE in his battle. He is a big talker, now he is bald and BOBBY LASHLEY is superior and he is the most dangerous ECW Champion in History. Umaga is ANIMAL and Donald Trump is always right.
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@Talha22 (384)
• Pakistan
2 Apr 07
well you are absolutely right that Vince McMahon is really a big talker i loved all the action of DX against Vince McMahon and i really like Bobby Lashley when he first appeared on Smackdown I like is muscular body and his brilliant moves I have seen Donald Trump in the Raw episodes but dont know much about him.I think taht your and mine thoughts are slightly similar about WWE.
• Malaysia
3 Apr 07
What DX done to him few years ago really awesome! Now, he face new foe and much more charismatic than him. What most important is, VINCE LOOSE in Wrestlemania 23!!! I LOVE IT!
• United States
4 Apr 07
I loved to see them scalp McMahon..I won so much cash betting that he would lose..I agree totally..Lashley is superior (and so damn good to look at) and Trump was the man to jump on McMahon and let him have Wrestlemania ever!!
• Canada
3 Apr 07
Vince deserved every miserable moment that he suffered. I only wish this happened a long time ago to put him in his place. No more mr. big bad Vince.
@dbeast (1498)
• India
2 Apr 07
wrestlemania was simply favorite star the Undertaker rules again and maintains his winning strek of 15-0.and the battle of billionaires,man did vince get stunned.the match of the giants was also awesome.too bad kane was on the losing was a perfect wrestlemania.i am so happy that the phenom,the undertaker reigns again.and not to forget lashley who kicked the hell out of was simply awesome.