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yoga - a nice exercise
April 11, 2007 5:15am CST
In yoga,concentration is important,but eventually this concentration should be balanced with broad awareness.this is where respect comes into the picture,without respecting your environment,including the community around you,there can be no are the world,and the world is you,understand that every action that we as individuals make has a profound effect on our family,our community,and the world.we are but little atoms,but we send resounding ripples throughout the earth.
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@healwell (1268)
• Ahmedabad, India
15 Apr 07
yes, this is related with yoga and helps in becoming good human being as well as good soldier of the god!
@romel_ece (1290)
• Philippines
13 Apr 07
Actually I haven't experience the yoga meditation in my life.All I know from it is that it is the best way to relax and have a total peace in your life.
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@mdchennai (2129)
• India
12 Apr 07
Yes you are right. Few facts about yoga: Quite a self contradictory statement it is: "Yoga - the new age fitness mantra", because Yoga is not new age at all. It's just that the benefits of the same are being discovered again. An ancient Indian philosophy, the principles of Yoga are timeless, holding true as much in today's time as it did centuries ago. In Sanskrit, Yoga means "to unite". Primarily an exercise in moral and mental cultivation of poses and practices that aim towards harmonising your mind, body and soul to achieve a state of oneness with the universe. It's a spiritual practice that does not subscribe nor promote any particular faith; hence it can be practised by all. A lifestyle choice by many, the universally timeless philosophies of yoga can be incorporated into any belief system. Stress, anxiety, ill-health, unhappiness and anger can be transformed into peacefulness, vibrant health, service and love towards all creation. The techniques are important in this process but the goal should be kept firmly in mind.
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• China
11 Mar 08
I don't if you ever play taiji.i think it is the same thing.
• Indonesia
10 Mar 08
Yes, actually in yoga everything is just manifestation of supreme consciousness ("God"), so if we can always keep aware on the fact, during practicing yoga we can keep concentrating as well as maintain the broad awareness.