What is the Anti-Virus for you?

@euqaj18 (252)
April 16, 2007 9:21pm CST
For me, AVAST because it always automatically scan your computer while you open or running. and always update of you connect to the internet and it is proven as the top rank anti-virus in many forums and articles that i have a read. How about you? what is the best anti-virus?
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@angeljenn (894)
• Zaragoza, Spain
17 Mar 08
hello there to U...i'm using NOD32 right now...and for me, it's the best anti-virus ever...have a blessed day ahead of U...may GOD BLESS U & UR family always!!!
@tim_un (355)
• Malaysia
17 Apr 07
Hello euqaj18,for me the most important is FREE. Normally i use AVG antivirus as my choice because it is FREE and easy to update the virus pattern. But somehow , some virus might not be able to clean by using this antivirus software, and sometime the update file might corrupt the AVG software. Anyway, luckily i still using the AVG antivirus without any error or problem on my computer.
• India
17 Apr 07
I do agree with that.... its simple, reliable but it may slow down your computer if you are having less than 256 MB of RAM.... I recommend to disable the antivirus if you are not always connected to Internet and share files ... thats the way i use it... One of the AntiVirus i know is Quickheal its fast, easily deletes the virus when it is caught and does not slow down computer.. Checkkk it out.... guys
@suyalynx (55)
• Indonesia
17 Apr 07
Suya use NOD32 Antivirus system, the best ever. Good at performance and only need low resource [RAM] but if you have more than 512 MB RAM, Kaspersky is a good choice
@hmike_d (1529)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
I've been using Norton Anti-virus and MacAfee. They've been performing good to my pc and i must assume they're quite good and have done good. They are the best ones to be trusted also for PC security.
@asteriskec (1074)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
I have Norton anti-virus installed in my laptop. I have also downloaded Avast but I can't install it yet since it requires that it's the only anti-virus in your system. I still don't want to erase Norton so I'll probably install Avast if I think Norton's not doing the job well anymore.