@as2006 (5041)
April 17, 2007 8:43am CST
It's good to have a dream! As a Target... It's good to dream in the night? What it means bad dream? What it mean good dream? Is dream the reflaction of a day before? Or a wish? Is a dream something from anothr "MEDIA"? Who believe in this? What is your opinion?
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@SatoNa (247)
• Indonesia
18 Apr 07
My friend had said, "if you don't dream, it means you aren't life." My opinion: - bad dream is when someone have a dream that he don't like, or make him scary.. - good dream is when someone have a dream that he like / love.. such as he dreams her girlfriend, etc.. - I don't think it's the reflaction of a day before. but I agree if dream is a reflaction of a wish or special event that he had.. - I don't know about the media from another world.. but my mother has dreamed about her parents and her husband (my father)'s parents. she dreamed that her father's cementery will move to a montain where we can see 2 another montains from there.. and it's true! eventhough in fact, it was my grandfather from my father's cementery.. and also, my mother had dreamed abaout Hail Mary and Jesus Christ, and a few months later, she became a Catholic.. ^-^