some tips for those folks learning english here!

April 20, 2007 8:57am CST
hello ppl, I've noticed that most of you here are trying to improve your language skills, I'm trying that also, I already know the basics but never wrote this much, now practice is ok but it has to be GOOD practice right? you can write lots of stuff but if you don't write well it doesn't matter at all. here is when the tips enter the game, since we're using the computer as a way to communicate we can also add some features that will help, first of all, turn on the spell checker! I'm actually using Firefox (highly recommended) and it has an spell checker already integrated on it, you can turn it on specifically for some fields right clicking on them or turn it on globally thru the options. I'm sure other browsers may have ways to add this feature somehow, it is really useful because you can see, what words are misspelled and also see how much you're improving as you have to correct lesser words each time. the second tip is to integrate an online dictionary to the browser, this is quite easy you just have to find an online dictionary that you like and see if it has "bookmarklets", "widgets" or "toolbars", all this are things you can use to get the meaning of some words directly from this services, quite handy really! here's an example: those are the tools offered by there is also (Firefox users) an extension called "Inline Definitions" that I recently installed, it adds an entry to the right click's menu who uses Google to seek for definitions of the word you highlight and it appears as a fancy "web2.0" popup:P really nice. here is it: there are some other tools that help you translate and so, you have to browse a little perhaps you can find something else that can help, but this two cited here are essential, at least for the basics, with them your practice will be meaningful and you'll start to actually "improve". comment as you wish, and share your advices please!
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@DavidReedy (2411)
• United States
21 Apr 07
Let me just begin by complimenting you on your English. It really is quite good. The following advice is applicable with all new skills. Try to learn something new everyday, ask a bilingual person how they would say something, or watch a film in the original English language--do something to work on your skills everyday.
• Uruguay
21 Apr 07
oh thanks! yeah, I prefer subbed movies because they keep the original voices, in English also helps practicing, at least practice to listen. I'm recognizing some words in Japanese by now (= I'll learn that language some day too (anime-fan yeah!).
• China
20 Apr 07
oh,thanks,I just want to learn english on here.