Global warming, Do you see signs, or is it just a bad wheather?

@gangus2 (373)
United States
April 20, 2007 2:48pm CST
Ever think about the Global Warming issues you hear about on the T.V.? I have, and not that I will be around for it to have a significant impact on my life. I do see where there has been slight changes. Being born and raised in Calif. I can remember that when I was younger(a child growing up),that no one had Central Air. I don't live there anymore, but still have family there. Last year, my sister purchased a Central Air unit? I remember thinking that we never needed that when I was younger. Obviously, I am still thinking about it. Anyways, has it gotten warmer, or is it due to the continous growth of the area? Just a thought.
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@f3rcho (258)
• Argentina
20 Apr 07
In Argentina there has been being floods all over the country for the past 9 months! Furthermore, in my town, since we have records, it only rained between november and january, and only about 200cm3. It's April now and we've had rains since October, and have reached the 500cm3. On the other hand, Chaco, which is a province next to mine, there hasnt been rains for over 3 months now.
@arjun07 (75)
20 Apr 07
Yes i think it is getting warmer aswell! But its beacuse of all the Co2 and methan :( i dont think it will have a big impact on my life aswel but we should help out for the future. :D thanks