Making housework fun

April 21, 2007 7:03am CST
Have you tried playing games with the housework to get your family to help out? One that works well if you are just starting this is the 'one thing in each room race', it doesnt matter whether you are all adults or adults and kids doing this, the rules are really simple. You all start at once, and have to each go into every single room in the house and put away one thing properly that isnt in the right place. If you can't do one room (mabe you don't want your 5 yr old putting things away in your bedroom perhaps) then they have to do a second item in another room. So, if your house has 8 rooms you each have to put 8 items away properly. First one back gets a small treat. This can be useful if everyone is slobbing about and you need to get everyone moving for a few minutes. Usually this challenge takes less than 5 minutes and everyone comes back feeling pleased with themselves. Know any other housework games?
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• Malaysia
21 Apr 07
U have a creative ways to include ur family members to do the housework and it sound fun and great. Never thought of that. Always do the housework in a boring old ways... maybe i can suggest to my family...
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• France
21 Apr 07
Don't suggest, just tell them! Say 'before we have dinner we're going to play this game' and take no aregument. Always works best with mine even when its just me and my husband here LOL.
@brokentia (10396)
• United States
22 Apr 07
I play a house work game. It is called, "Pick-up-your-stuff-or-I-am-going-to-throw-it-away." LOL Kidding! Seriously...I don't like to throw away their stuff. But that has been a motivator every now and then. And I have tried playing games to get them to clean up...but they have caught on to my sneaky ways. ha ha There is no fooling them! LOL And because my partner took the "throwing stuff away" too far...he threw away shoes and didn't realize that they were not fetched out of the trash because no one knew...we had to buy a new pair of shoes...and they were new!!! He is not allowed to play that game anymore. LOL
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@mlgb_24 (638)
21 Apr 07
the starboard always works. like if your child does the tablesetting, then she'll have a sticker star under her name, until she reaches say, about 5-10 stars, it depends on you, then she'll get an award/prize. and it will just become a habit before you even know it, LOL!!
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