All you cyclists...

United States
April 21, 2007 11:30am CST
... Drive me crazy. Here in Austin, cyclists always complain about how cars don't "Share the Road" with them. We in cars either get nervous and give a bike excess room or don't notice at all and occaisionally swipe cyclists. I think this is terrible. But what is worse is that when a normal person is on a bike, they act like they don't have to follow the laws we in cars do. They rarely stop for stop signs or red lights, they cross the street at non-intersections, they do not signal, and some even ride against the flow of traffic. Do you do this when you are on a bike? Do you notice these things when you are driving near a cyclist? I'm interested to see both sides of this struggle.
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@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
22 Apr 07
I don't ride a bike, because I lost my confidence as I got much older. All three of my children ride bikes, and I have to agree with you, that bike rioders are a real isuue. Here, children under ten are allowed to ride on footpaths, if one has footpaths (none in my street). So that means two of my kids ride on the ride & the 8 year old sometimes ride on the road. We are forever stressing the need for safety, to giove way to cars first, to stick to the edge of the road. I guess there are a number of bike riders who don't stick the rules, & think they hasve some sort of priority. They don't. They will find this out when they have an accident with a car.
• United States
22 Apr 07
It is so difficult to strike the right balance! I hadn't even thought about children on bikes. Well, here in Austin we have bike lanes on many roads and I doubt a police officer would write a child a ticket for using the sidewalk. It is so hard to drill bike safety into kids heads! I mean, riding a bike is fun and so it seems like it's sort of carefree, but it can be quite dangerous. I hope your little ones stay safe!