Do you buy many things on ebay?

@wendee (359)
April 21, 2007 12:38pm CST
I love Ebay! I buy lots of my kids clothes on ebay and have gotten some GREAT deals! My most recent prized purchase is a Sean John jacket for summer for my little guy - 3 months old - for $10 including shipping! He's gonna look sooo cute! I have boughten christmas/birthday presents, clothing for all of us, scrapbooking items, etc! I also re-sell the item I buy when the kids outgrow them
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@Carrie26 (1587)
• United States
21 Apr 07
Yes sometimes.My husband likes to sell stuff on e-bay as well.You can find some pretty good stuff at a good deal.About a month and a half ago we got a A 3 set video of The Wiggles,Bob the Builder and barney it was for Playschool video now but it was compatable with the video no my son has.We couldnt find the Wiggles in the stores for the video now so we found it on e-bay.Sometimes you have to watch because some people dont send stuff out and some send stuff out late and some dont send it a all.
• Australia
22 Apr 07
This is when you need to check & make sure things you buy are compatible with your machines. A lot of movies i am after are USA released & my DVD player here in Australia wont play them due to them being made for a different region. You just have to know what you have & what region it will play, then check your own before you buy them.
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
22 Apr 07
I must admit, i am kind of an eBay addict! I buy a lot of my daughter's clothes from there & have had some GREAT bargains, you can always get most of the current season's stock at well below the retail prices. I bought my friend's son a PJ set for Easter with a singlet - including postage it only cost me $11 (Australian) - everything was brand new with it's tags still! I also sell a lot of my daughter's clothes on there that no longer fit, i sell stationery as well - mainly because i love it myself! You can get some great bargains from there & the more you buy from the 1 seller, the less you pay per item with postage!
@Calais (10900)
• Australia
21 Apr 07
Oh yes, I am addicted at the moment Its horrible, you go on there looking for one thing and end up buying so much.
@sunup13 (420)
• Canada
21 Apr 07
I love ebay as well, I bought a lot of african carvings on there over the years for great prices. Right now I am bidding on Tigi bed head hair products. Which are insanely expensive in hair salons. For my daughter I bought a set of sterling silver utensils, like the ones I had when I was a baby. They are from 1910 Germany, beautiful condition for $13 shipping included. I also bought her a Busy Ball Popper, which retails for $40 puls tax, for $25 shipping included. I am so excited to see it, it should be here Monday!