Is Your Daily Vitamins Harming Your Body??

@kathy77 (7488)
April 21, 2007 1:00pm CST
If you take supplements containing glandular ingredients from animals, including some digestive enzymes, you may need to concern yourselfwith mad cow disease risk. Four years ago, animal imports were banned from countries that reported outbreaks of mad cow disease. However, some industry experts are concerned that supplement companies may still be using banned meat products. The FDA sent letters to supplement manufacturers recommending they use ingredients from uninfected countries, but compliance is strictly voluntary. Industry experts estimate that almost half of glandular supplement manufacturers do not include ingredient sources on their labels. Though there has never been a reported case of mad cow disease in the these countries, this issue still warrants concern.
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• Philippines
22 Apr 07
This is one of the reasons why I change my vitamins and other supplements every three months. I am the type who listens to my body. There are times that I try new supplements. If they do my body good, I continue using it until I consume a 30-capsule bottle. If they don't, I stop using it and will never go back to it again. Those vitamins and supplements I regularly use, I buy a 100-capsule bottle. After consuming all of it, I tend to shift to another kind of supplement. The reason being that my body feels immuned to the effect of that particular supplement after using it regularly for three months. This way also allows my body to release some of the toxins that a certain supplement left accumulated in my system.
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@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
23 Apr 07
Yes it is very important to change our vitamins around so that our bodies do not get used to only one kind and become immuned to it and help our body system.
• Malaysia
24 Apr 07
owh? erm.. i eat vitamins daily.. and i'm not sure if they are harming my body or not...i jut know that those pills will produce more energy for me.. and i always feel hungry after 5 - 8 hours eating them.. i bought them for the purpose of staying alert and to be less sleepy.. not sure how true is it.. but i 've tried.. and yes.. it's quite effective.. do you think there's any side effect on such vitamins? the pharmacist told me that my urine will be yellow if i take such vitamins.. she didn't give me any iknformation about other side effects.. so i think it should be fine =_=
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@abbey19 (3129)
• Gold Coast, Australia
21 Apr 07
The only supplement I take is Flaxseed Oil, but I know others who take all sorts of supplements, so this is a timely discussion and one we all need to take heed of. Thanks for the reminder Kathy.