Do you enjoy reading and writing poems?

April 26, 2007 4:12am CST
Hmmm... I have read poems especially during my high school days because we have to discuss these literature thingy but I do enjoy reading some of the poems. Sometimes I just can't stand them because sometimes they go too deep to understand and I have to read between the lines and read again and again, but I do appreciate poems because they are indeed beautiful. I write poems but they're not really good, yet I really enjoy writing...^_^ How about you?^_^ Do share your thoughts..^_^
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• United States
28 Apr 07
I live to write my poetry, but to read it from others is more difficult. I cannot simply buy a poetry book by many authors and make it through, I have some that I read and adore, and others just leave my brain in a whirlwind of and/or/possibly thoughts that I can't sort to ponder on. Those I stay away from, or the ones that are so dark and depressing that it brings me down. I love sharing what I write and I have authors I read and re-read, but I have to "taste" their works first before I buy extensive volumes. I wish there was a catagory sampler for new writers so people could experience them without having to buy journals. I would like to read some new writers and new topics. I have classical favorites, but nothing contempory has taken flight in my mind.
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
oh i like poems too! i like writing them because i realized that it intoxicates me somehow. i learned to release all my hurts, anger and happiness in the poem. i like reading poems too. though yes, i must agree that they are too profound at times. but as my teacher said once, some of these poems are just simple thoughts that are buried in complicated world plays. that's why i never think that there are poems that are too tough to interpret. besides, poems present new meanings depending on the reader. i simply love poetry!
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
I have to agree! Ahahaha... Poems has also helped me express more of my feelings and what my subconscious mind has to say..^_^ And the interpretations do differ depending on how the reader understood it..^_^
@murthi (9)
• Sri Lanka
12 Jun 07
I love read and write poems very much. They focus our mind to view in different perspectives on many things in our life. I learnt English literature in my junior studies (Ordinary Level (O/L) in Sri Lanka). It was a very interesting subject. I love my native literature (Sinhala Literature) too. I write poems in both Sinhala and English under many themes. I usually write about nature. Sometimes when I feel sad, I clear off my mind by writing poems. Poems help me a lot. I like to read the poems written on pure love. But I am afraid to write on that theme, because I feel that my words would make boundaries to that sacred, unbounded, pure feeling. People who are bound with literature and arts have wonderful heart, deep mind and a simple life, I think so.
• China
15 May 07
Poem is years of spirit, I like chinese poem, they are usually antithesis and have phonetic notation and rhyme which can't find the feather in english poem.
@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
5 May 07
I love writing poetry because I am very creative and find it easier to express myself in words. I found that writing poetry when I was depressed helped me a lot, I wrote a lot of deep and meaningful poetry which I have kept to look back on. I do prefer to write more than read poetry personally.
@luannemay (258)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
right now i am writing and studying poems. I just do it for fun. I also reading alot of poems. My favorite poet are Emily Dickinson,The Bronte sister and Pablo Neruda. I also discovered there are lot of elements in making poems, there are still many things to be discovered and learned on this art.