Can you live comfortably without your technology for 1 day?

United States
April 26, 2007 10:10am CST
Today I came into work and I was given a message that the computer and phones were not working. I couldn't do much but I had a book with me so I began to read-it was very relaxing. It was relaxing because I love to read and was getting paid to do it. I almost left my cell phone at home so then I would have no form of outside communication. Could you do a day of just biking to the store or take a train or bus to the store? Could you get your news just from a newspaper instead of online? Could you send post cards instead of e-mails? Just a curious mind thinking. =)
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@Foxxee (3653)
• United States
30 May 07
I could do it for a day, maybe even weeks. I can probably live without my computer for a few months, but a phone, well, that is something everyone should have and needs and I don't think I could go longer then a day without that. I also need my TV. I might be able to do a day for TV. LOL!
@jennybianca (12915)
• Australia
27 Apr 07
This is a good discussion/ question, and I had to give it some thought. My answer is partly. I have been camping in tents, where we had no electricity, no videos, TV's or computers. We did, however, have mobile phones, purely for family members to get in contact with us in an emergency. Even then, mostly our mobile phones didn't work as we were out of range. I love just sitting around reading & drinking coffee, & not thinking about computers, salemans, the cleaning, etc.
• Pakistan
27 Apr 07
The pepole of underdeveloped countries could survive without the electronic facilities of modern age. Many villages in my native country still have no electicity power supply system. Many have no fule like gas. But they are living as well as enjoying their life. The unavailibilty of of elcectronic facility will drag us to the past age. The age when people used to go the libraries and used to read the books and newspapers. Even they used to borrow, buy, steel or hire a book to read. Video age stoped this practice and reading habit is dying. In the absence of modern facilities the golden age of reading and working will come back and we will start to enjoy our life as our elder were enjoying it in their past. Here I want to qout a poem which I had learnt in my school age."pigeon said coo, what shall I do, I have not enough food for a family of two. Foolish bird; said the hen. my family are ten, and we are living like genteelmen." We should belive on God. We should not totaly depend on these temporary facilities and we should creat abilities of living long.
@mrsbrian (1951)
• United States
27 Apr 07
I dont know how comfortable I would be but I think I could survive.Since I work at home I guess it would be a day off for me. I could read a good book or go shopping,clean the house or just spend the day with my family.I could write a few snail mail letters as I do owe a few and It would be fine with me if the phone was out of order for the day.
@creationhub (3070)
• Malaysia
26 Apr 07
Yes, I can understand the agony of having such a situation. For example, I am so used to using my pda. Three days ago, it crashed, for good, I think. Now, I feel rather lost trying to remember the appointments I have for the week. Not to mention other things like my handphone, laptop as well.
• India
26 Apr 07
No we can not.
• Canada
26 Apr 07
I could do this for one day as I enjoy reading as well but wouldn't want to go longer then that as I believe we have become so used to all that we have . The idea of getting paid for something I enjoyed doing would be nice :) If we lost all our technology for a day though it would be harder to entertain the children though as they have always been around this technology and so many children today would not be able to handle not having their ipod's going , being able to jump on the computer or even watch t.v . They are so used to all that they have that they thought of losing this even for a day would make quite a few unhappy children lol .