At what age can do you think you can already give up your life?

April 26, 2007 5:13pm CST
What I meant here by giving up your life, is simply the time when you want to die. I know we can't control the future that lies ahead of us. Yet we all know that our life would eventually end soon, maybe tonight, tomorrow, the next year or even 30 years after from now.....we never know. So, if asked as to what age do I think I can already give up my life? My answer would be maybe no specific age at all. And if possible, not at a very young age where my body is still able and capable of contributing much to the society. Hence if at the age of 80, my body is still healthy, so why not choose to extend my life, right? :) How about you? What if you were also asked the same question. What would be your answer? Do share your thoughts. :)
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@chetlog (624)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
I have always asked myself this question and I believe I have my personal answer : when I feel I have lived a full life and contented. No specific age just a feeling inside that I have already done my part in the great scheme of life and its my turn to replenish the Earth. No sadness felt, only a feeling of release and happiness.
• Thailand
28 Apr 07
I am sixty-three and finding that if I keep an open mind there are new challanges and opportunities every day. I ride my mountain bike at least five miles every day and am constantly trying to learn new things. I am sure not ready to give up my life yet. I am looking forward to the next sixty years.
• Singapore
27 Apr 07
How about at my age? I have already seen it all and long told God that I am ready.