when someone is sleeping, silence please!!!!

April 27, 2007 8:13am CST
i love to sleep or just take a nap especially during breaktime.. and i hate it when someone is noisy when im asleep. how bout you guys, what's your opinion or comments bout these people who don't know how to respect those people wo are sleeping or just taking a nap.. do you consider other people when you can see them sleeping?
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• United States
27 Apr 07
Ah sleep; perchance to dream.... During the week when I have to work graveyard shift, my boyfriend wants me to stay awake then work the graveyard. I actually almost get violent when someone awakens me. I cry and cuss. When someone is sleeping I always try to be quiet. That's the respectful way to treat people.
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• Philippines
28 Apr 07
me to, when someone is noisy when im sleeping, i yell at that person...
@sadanand (191)
• India
5 May 07
Well I agree with you. Taking a nap during a breaktime is good just to regain our energy levels or to relax and burn our stress. But how far the other people understand about your state of mind. Sleeping is a personal act and no one has any right to invade that. i do respect people when they sleep and do not disturb them Thanks, Sadanand
@vivasuzi (4125)
• United States
27 Apr 07
When others are sleeping, I am very quiet - quiet as I can be! B/c I know they'll be mad if I wake them. However, people don't always do that for me. Even in the middle of the night sometimes my family is wide awake and I'm exhausted. I have to wake up and say "shhhhh" in order to get them to realize the time. It can be annoying. That's why I try to nap only when no one is home!