traffic in india ( poona )

April 28, 2007 12:09pm CST
The trafic problems in pune ( india ) are increasing day by day. And elderly people, and children have to face it more , rash driving , no driving sense , makes it more difficult for elders of our society. Imagine a 50- 60 plus elderly lady or guy in the midst of chaos , trying to save temselves from rash drivers , and the menace is more from truck drivers, and two and four wheeler drivers, who dont seem to see people on roads. It seems every one has to reach his / her destination as early as possible , but at what cost, not at the cost of any bodys life. I just want to make all you learned peple aware and try to solve it. I hope people will try to understand and be helpful.
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@mariner68 (1278)
• India
29 Apr 07
it is not only in poona. in bigger metros, the situation is even worse. people have to be educated about the rules to be followed. the roads have to be made wider. bridges can be made where possible. use of public transport must be encouraged. the public transport must be suitably made better to help the people to commute.
• India
29 Apr 07
traffice has become a menace these days in india. i really do not know the psosibilities of having control over traffic here in india but the following things can help 1.people adhering to rules can control traffic to 90% 2.overbridges construction 3.separate lanes for 2 wheelers and four wwheelers can help a bit in controlling traffic lots
@vijiayyar (191)
• Ireland
29 Apr 07
Traffic is a problem everywhere in India. There are many things that are responsible for this problem and to sum up i wud say: 1. The ever increasing population of India. People are increasing like bacteria and they r spreading and spreading! 2. Indians these days do not like to walk more. I am in Ireland since 2 months and i see people here walk to office if its within 5 miles. 3. In India u can see everything on roads, like a cart, cows, pigs, dogs, etc. Say here u wont see anything. No stray animal at all! 4. In India there are no traffic rules!! Whereas in abroad everything is planned. When there is green light for walkers no one can drive his car. Here if we are in hurry sometimes and cross road without green light the cars will stop and let us cross!! U know about India. If school is nearby everyone drives slowly and near school a traffic personal is there and if children have to cross road the personal stands in between the road with stop sign!! 5. Increasing income of Indians is also a problem, everybody is able to buy car nowadays!! So there are lots of automobiles on road! 6. There is no lane system in India. If there is people drive in whichever lane they want!
@madonna143 (1739)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
I never knew that traffic was that bad in India. Here in our country the Philippines, traffic is so bad that sometimes it is at a standstill. We have so many cars on the road especially during peak hours where people would go home from the office. It is so traffic.
@mads_004 (26)
• India
28 Apr 07
Ya I know.Pune traffic and roads are the worst i have seen.No body follows the rule,even the so called educated people.And i wonder where have the traffic police gone???I don't know whether this problem will be ever resolved or not coz the gov also is not interested in improving the infrastructure.May be by creating some awareness we can help.