How do I stop eating so much junk?

April 29, 2007 2:42am CST
I find junk food like chocolate and biscuits really hard to stay away from. They are always in the house and at the moment I can’t help that because I can’t ask others to give them up. Have you got any advice?
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@abbey19 (3129)
• Gold Coast, Australia
29 Apr 07
I am assuming you are in a share house? When you share with other people, you can't ask them to stop buying stuff just because it's tempting for you to have it in the house, so the best thing I can suggest is that you discipline yourself to resist the chocolate or biscuits, or whatever it is. Tell yourself it's going to make you gain weight, or give you spots, or something like that Linz! If you see any, turn away, don't even look at it! It's going to be very hard seeing it there right under your nose, but you just have to be strong if it's what you want.
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
29 Apr 07
You can stop buying them and having them ready in the house. Why not ask others to help you. They should support you til you get a handle on this. Perhaps you could get busier and so not have time to reach for the offending foods. Personally I say I may have one once a day or something and then that is it. Good luck making your decision to be a better eater.
@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
29 Apr 07
Try eating really fresh, good food, something with a nice after taste. Green veg, fresh fruit, something that cleans the palate. This doesn't stop you eating junk, but it adds a lot of other choices, some of which become favorites, and replace it. I've found that cutting down on sugar really improved the taste of practically everything. Not eating biscuits is unthinkable, but you can find some really good ones, non-junk, and they really fit in well with any diet. One other thing- tastes change. As they do, a lot of the junk really doesn't cut it any more. It's part of a wider range of eating habits. Junk food is as much a matter of habit as anything. You don't necessarily have to give it up cold turkey, but you'll probably find that less is better, and doesn't get that "routine" effect, where you eat compulsively, but don't get as much fun out of eating it. I've found that an occasional Oreo beats a packet at a time.