how will i make my dog's hair shiny?

April 30, 2007 5:49am CST
can somebody help me on how to deal with my dog's hair? it's so dry. how can i make it shiny? my dog is a 6months male shih tzu,
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@Galena (9123)
30 Apr 07
well, at the moment, he's a puppy. puppies fur is very woolly, and not especially shiny. also, Shih-Tzus have quite cotton woolly textured fut, so again aren't that shiny naturally. make sure he has a good diet, occasionally give him oily fish as a treat, plenty of water and brush him regularly, and his coat should be in the best possible condition.
@breepeace (3027)
• Canada
30 Apr 07
A little bit of sunflower oil on his food would probably be beneficial, too. Don't expect too much for right now though, because puppy coat is different from adult coat.
• United States
30 Apr 07
Most of the fix is going to come from the diet. Put him on a GOOD quality dog food. One without lots of fillers (read: corn, wheat, rice, etc). A good coat supplement will also help boost the coat quality. I have Bearded Collies, also dogs with long hair. They are on Solid Gold SeaMeal and Show Off. Both are available at Petco. Some people supplement with fish oil caps. . you can get those at Costco or a pharmacy. Next to diet, make sure your dog is free of parasites. Worms, ticks and fleas will dull up a coat quickly. Lastly, good grooming will help get the coat in good shape. With dogs that have HAIR, not fur (ie Shih Tzu, Bearded Collie, Poodles) it does not matter how often you bathe them. Only dogs with fur will need the oil in their coat. A lot of people on mylot apparently don't realize this. I bathe mine once a week with a good anti-residue shampoo. Plush Puppy, Neutrogena and #1 All Systems all make good shampoo. Follow up with a creme rinse and then comb your dog out, make sure there are no mats or tangles.
@munhozmib (3856)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
30 Apr 07
You can use some shampoo on him. Then, when you're going to brush him, do it at the opposite size. I mean, start brushing him from his back to his head. In this direction. You start by his back and brush to his head. That'll give a special effect on his hair: it'll be more soft. There's also a special kind of food, which you can use to make his hair shinier. You should try it.