My Home in Bandung, Indonesia

@leon077 (160)
May 1, 2007 2:09am CST
Are you guys from Bandung, kumaha damang/How do you do?, Let me tell the peoples of myLot about my home town : Bandung is the capital of West Java (Jawa Barat) province in Indonesia, Located 768 m above sea level, Its surrounded by many volcanic mountain. The city was founded in 1906 and it gradually developed into a resort city for the dutch colonial. Other commercial store like hotels, restaurants, cafes were opened. and soon they call it Paris van Java. soon after Indonesian independence in August 17 1945, the city experienced a rapid development and urbanization that dense the city, it became a living space for over 2 million people, well the java itself contain more than 150 million people. the city has encountered many problems, like waste disposal, this has been a problems since the dutch colonialist make this town, now the waste unofficial caretaker just burn it causing many air pollution and make the people around it having a lung desease. Floods that still happened even today (see the news its in south of Bandung), too many traffic that cos many pollution even in some place in bandung its enough to make lung cancer. Bandung however still has its charm to attract people flocking into the city, either as weekend travellers or living in. This is because the city has many good restaurant, the food is very delicious and cheap, there is many boutique too, that is that make people from jakarta come to Bandung. The people is nice, the girls is pretty, maybe you should come to Bandung, Call me if you come to Bandung, I willing to be your guide. later I will tell you more about Bandung climate, people, park, bird and others thing.
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@m_plue (13)
• Indonesia
2 Oct 07
Hi, i lived in Bandung. Just wanna say hi to all of you. Bandung Berhiber, Bandung Bermartabat Keep Bandung beatiful, euy!!
@randy88 (685)
• Indonesia
3 May 07
hello I'm from surabaya I think you have a great knowledge and you love it My grandma is on bandung I go there once a year
• Indonesia
1 May 07
Helo Leon... I am not from bandung but I am from Bali. Well I saw your discussion and seems like you really care about your city.. That's good I've been to bandung before but i got cold when i get there.. maybe my body shocked because your city are so cold an raining, so much different with a hot temperature in Bali.. what I like the most about Bandung is Surabi... hidup Surabi!!!