How Would you like to end up?

@nimz143 (277)
May 1, 2007 2:32pm CST
I was thinking (I am a lifeguard, lots of time to think). If you accept the general time line for life (Born, school, job, kids, retire, die). How would you actually like it to end up? Would you prefer to be super rich by doing lots of work and not seeing your family? Would you prefer to do manual work to desk work? Would you work after retiring? My personal opinion is that I would like to get a good job, I have no illusions of becoming Bill Gates, but I would like to earn a reasonable amount, but when I settle down, I would do less, earn less, and be home more. I decided that as far as providing for my kids goes, I want them to want, but not need. That is, I want them to have something to work for, but never be lacking in what is really important. Just wondered how many of you have thought about it, and what reactions I can provoke. __________________
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• Indonesia
2 May 07
I have it all. I have a job in the most beautiful place where I can see ocean every day and not too many stressed job, I earn more than enough amount for my daily life. All I need to do is settle down and raise a happy family and it will be a perfect life. I dont want to be in a higher position that stole most of your time at work and give you a lot of pressure.. That is just dont make me happy
@aseemkhan (218)
2 May 07
I would like to end up with a small job, a small and happy family .. . .thats it.....